Innovation in the Office of the Chicago City Clerk

In summer 2015, the Office of the Chicago City Clerk completed a transition to Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales. Previously more 1.3 million Chicago motorists purchased vehicle stickers during an annual, six-week rush. The result was poor customer service and product delivery problems. After decades of headaches for Chicagoans, a sensible and sustainable vehicle sticker sales program is now in place.

Year-Round Sales was the biggest change to the Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Program in its more than 100-year history, but it is just one example of how the Office of the City Clerk is delivering better customer service and more efficient government to you.

The Legislative Information Center

The Legislative Information Center broadcasts each Chicago City Council meeting live over the Internet. These meetings are closed captioned, and viewers are provided with easy access to email and social media accounts maintained by their elected officials. These meetings are bookmarked for reference purposes and archived on our website.

Each month, the Office of the Chicago City Clerk processes thousands of pages of legislative documents that affect our neighborhoods and our City, from the sewers to the skyline. For the first time ever, the Office of the City Clerk’s Council Division is placing ordinances and other documents in the hands of reporters, professionals, community activists, and residents via the Internet on the day of City Council meetings.

Social Media

We are constantly monitoring Twitter and Facebook to answer questions and help improve the customer service experience for our constituents.

To keep up with everything going on in our Office, or to post questions, please like us on Facebook.

You should follow the Clerk @ChiCityClerk on Twitter, but we also use Twitter for a number of different purposes. During City Council meetings, we use hashtag #ChiCouncil to help you follow all the action in real time as it happens on the Council floor. #ChiCouncil can also help you ask questions about our Office.

Transparency & Accessibility

The Office of the Chicago City Clerk has received acclaim from advocates of open and transparent government. You may not know that many municipalities actually charge fees for people to access the rules created by the lawmakers they elected to office. This is not the case here in Chicago. Thanks to the Office of the Chicago City Clerk, information is provided to the public promptly and in a format that can be used for a variety of purposes. The informational data we maintain has been used to create a number of apps useful to Chicagoans. One such app is Chicago Decoded, which aims to make the Chicago Municipal Code more user-friendly.