Vehicle sticker transaction fees set to drop tomorrow after legislation is approved in City Council

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Relief is on the way for Chicago motorists following the passage of new rules to reduce transaction fees in the Office of the City Clerk. 

Currently, the Clerk’s Office charges $30.00 to replace a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker that is lost, stolen or damaged. The fee to transfer a vehicle sticker from one vehicle to another is $20.00. Moving from one residential parking zone to another costs motorists $10.00. 

Under the new ordinance all three fees will be dropped to $5.00. These changes will take effect immediately and thousands of customers will see lower bills starting Thursday.   

“This is the most direct way that smart policies can help our constituents. We cut our expenses, increased revenues by targeting scofflaws and we’re doing something rare: Passing along those savings to motorists,” she said. 

The fee schedule was originally set by prior administrations to reduce fraud. As part of the transition to the Year Round Sales Program, the anti-fraud security features that Clerk Mendoza incorporated into the face of the vehicle stickers, have made it nearly impossible to illegally duplicate them, eliminating the need for high fees for replacing a vehicle sticker. 

Normally, the legislation would not take effect until the next Council meeting in October, but it was signed on Wednesday by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, meaning it takes effect immediately, Mendoza said. 

“Why should motorists have to wait? When they come in on Thursday, they are going to get good news and we’re proud that we could make that happen for them,” she said. 

The Office of the City Clerk sells more than 1.2 million vehicle stickers annually. 


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Patrick Corcoran