Add or Change Zone Number on your City Sticker

Replace a Lost/Damaged/Stolen City Sticker
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If you already have a City Vehicle Sticker but need to add a Residential Zone Parking Permit number to your Sticker, please bring in the following items to a City Clerk location:

  • Your old City Vehicle Sticker;
  • Proof of your residential address within a Residential Zone (see Residential Zone Parking FAQs for acceptable documentation); AND,
  • A photo ID that matches the name on the City Sticker and address documentation.

The cost to add Residential Zone to your City Sticker is $25/year, and will be prorated accordingly based on the duration remaining on your City Sticker.

If you already have a Zone Number on your City Sticker and need to change to a different Zone Number (e.g., you moved from one Zone to another), the administrative fee is $5.00 (as of September 2016, the price for this transaction fee was reduced from $30.00 to $5.00!)