KIDS ID Program


KIDS ID Program captures pictures, fingerprints, and key information about Chicago children, so that if a child ever goes missing, this information can be shared with law enforcement, media, and various child protection/child search groups in the hopes of locating the lost child.

Parents also receive an ID Card that contains the child’s information, as well as a phone number to call after reporting a missing child to police. This service is free to Chicago parents. Kids IDs are currently not available at our Archer Avenue Office.

How to Enroll Your Child

You can obtain a KIDS ID at the Office of the City Clerk location in City Hall. Clerk staff overseeing the KIDS ID program also attend events throughout the Chicago area several times a week throughout the year. Click here to view a calendar listing of upcoming community events. At these events, the process for signing up for the program and getting your child’s ID card is pretty simple and takes only a few minutes:

  1. Parents complete and sign the release form, provided by Clerk’s staff at the event
  2. Clerk staff take your child’s photo with a digital camera (shoulders and up area), take his/her fingerprints using a sophisticated scan technology (no inky fingers!), and captures the child and parent/guardian information from the form. The information, fingerprints, and pictures are stored in a secure system accessible only by authorized employees of the City of Chicago/Office of the City Clerk.
  3. The Office of the City Clerk then develops the ID card right there on-site using a specialized card-creating system and gives the card to the parent/guardian.

Storing and Sharing Information

Information provided to Clerk’s KIDS ID staff is stored securely in the Clerk’s office. The information will only be shared with law enforcement agencies and the media in the event that the child is reported missing.

The KIDS ID Card


The Office of the City Clerk acknowledges the creation and donation of the KIDS ID logo by Victor Sanchez.

Please Note:

Availability of these programs is limited during May, June, and July due to annual Ward Sales for City Vehicle Stickers.